July 21, 2011

Until Then

Pressing my pale hands against the cold airplane windows
trying to, in some small way, hold onto him for a second more.
I don't know if he can even see me.
Almost happy he can't -- my eyes hurt from all I've cried
I can feel as the engines come to life beneath
my seat; for a brief moment I panic
as my journey homeward once more begins.
I feel as though the strange puzzle which is my life has suddenly
been thrown onto the floor and some pieces shall never be found.
All the heartfelt tears that soaked onto his
New Zealand shirt are with him as he stands inside the airport terminal.
Missing and wanting him close, knowing inside that
my arms will never again feel themselves wrapped around him.
Having to deal with the loss of a love that I went into
innocently and lost within a harsh moment on someone else's clock.

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