July 21, 2011

Short Story: A Lifetime

Does it truly take a lifetime to get over someone? I wonder sometimes if decisions I've made along the way were correct. Try to compensate the errors created by giving excuses and constantly burying regrets.

I've long been taught that "if you love something set it free, if it returns, then it's meant to be"... but it doesn't always work out.

Your dreams become nothing more than a sad song for someone else to write about. Your desires are stamped down and slowly burrow into the dark earth. Your wants are sometimes ignored.

It's said that we can't have everything we wish for.

I wish for the love of sad songs - the one other women will hear about and weep silently, wishing he was theirs.
I wish for a happiness found in romance novels and chick flicks.
I wish for a man who will love me moreso than I'll love him - because want to be his beyond this lifetime and into the next.

Does it take a lifetime to get over someone?

Sometimes it sure feels that way.

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