July 21, 2011


His heavenly voice tingles into the curve of my ear
Each honeyed word is my blessed temptation
every sound crawling through these steaming phone lines
making me moist for things I had only dreamed of before

Wanting to savor as one does a tasty morsel upon the palette
Make me purr with tempting hands and sugared words,
the weaving curl of burning lust draws me forth
No other eyes shall see you, no other heart will beat for you

Somewhere I know a Mother's prayer is being sent
to whichever left over Saint will try to save this fallen soul
But at the moment, I care not of the words promising forgiveness
when these wicked sins claw at me with an aching need

Forgive me heavenly Father, for I have cared and given into the will of desire
Used Your name in unholy ways when heated passion crested over me
Shall I bathe in holy waters to see if those moments will be forgotten?
How many Hail Marys are allowed to erase the taint of carnal love from within?

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