July 20, 2011

Blue Nails

The evening continues
as we verbally relive each
year that has somehow run past us.
High school has long gone the way of the dodo bird
yet smiles arise when
moments of silly happiness are remembered.
The tangy scent of your blue nail polish
as it dries
on my toenails lingers in the air
much like our memories do.
Perhaps in the eyes of many we are ancient dolls
Still single, shelved and in dire need of dusting off
Awaiting to be put to some better use.
In these hours and days of happiness,
we are once more just two old friends
with no worries to the world.
And for that I give thanks
to any and all spirits for having
placed you in my path of life.

for Angela 1972 - 2005
Best Friends Forever

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