July 20, 2011


Once upon a time...
when I still wore ponytails
and Sunday dresses
I believed in fairytales
and happily ever after.
When every story would have
the ever present handsome Prince
charging in with nothing less
than everlasting love.
And it was all sealed with a blessed kiss.
Though the years the hairstyle changed
Childish clothes and girlish dreams
were put away forever.
That Prince became a real man
with flaws and problems,
who could not always rescue me using
magical enchantment or
by killing the dragon.
He came with his own personal demons
and some holes in those old work socks.
A beautiful crooked smile and
sad hazel eyes that
seemed to have seen a lot in this lifetime.
Yes, he was handsome and sweet, made me laugh,
and understood me.
So with all these faults and all the headaches
that come with romance and life,
this man -- who was not born a ruler of any kingdom;
never seen a green scaled monster;
nor ever fought for my life;
entered this heart with only the magic of love.
Yet no Mother Goose edited this tale
and so it does not conclude in any happy ending.
The one who stole this heart, eventually also broke it
without so much as a second look back or a shed tear.
And yet, I continue to believe
in eternal love and magical kisses
to awaken this awaiting heart once more.

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