July 22, 2011

Is romance dead?

Given that I'm a "romantic at heart", it is pretty difficult to keep hopes revved up for the love of my life. So far I've been with the "Momma's Boy" of my life, the "Let's Text but never commit to the word Dating" in my life and others which are worth the printing out...

I've done the online dating via Eharmony, Match.com, BBWdatefinder sites and have come away with either stories which wouldn't be believed in movie flicks or tales of warning for other females. I've met countless men, fooled around with plenty of them and been in one sided relationships up to kneecaps.

It's dawned time and time again, that I am either making some really bad decisions in my dating life.. or have a stamp on my forehead which reads "She'll fall for you if you feed her enough attention to make it look as if you're really interested".

Harsh? Nope. I prefer the word honest.

So is romance dead? I don't believe so. I've seen a handful of my galpals fall in love - one actually met her fellow on Match.com. But that is one out of what percentage? That's what needs to be seen.

And to answer my question about romance? No. It's not dead. But it's stupid, blind, lost and kinda confused about who and what I'm seeking.

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