July 21, 2011

Sleep Eludes Me Tonight

No amount of warm milk can soothe this soul.
I lost someone precious this evening, to the fears
and sadness of life and the prickly coldness of pain.
Perhaps this battle was won long before when loose lips
said I love you before the other heart felt that emotion.

Where does the heart go from here?
How do I lay my head down when my mind is still weeping?
Wishing and cuddling the cotton pillow, remembering him
the last night we were together.

Daydreaming here, I listen to the crickets as they seek a mate,
in the flowering bushes under my window.
Feeling envy that at least Mother Nature continues.
A bit hurt that the evening is not mourning alongside with me.

I promise to never dream again.
No illusions shall cross these green eyes.
I'll not be a butterfly with nothing but the breeze beneath me.
But rather an unpolished, mossy stone to tempt someone's
desire to pick me up and throw me into the pond of love again.

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