July 21, 2011

Short Story: I Could Fall

The road was slightly wet from the quick rainstorm that had fallen while she had been doing some shopping. It wasn't necessary to have the windshield wiper running now since the tiny drops that still coated the moving car were slowly being run off.

Wilhelmina Ann's thoughts were a thousand miles away while she drove along in mid-automatic pilot, recalling moments. Reliving emotions.

Her given name was often a tongue twister for people so she preferred to be called Billy Ann, though it sometimes made men look at her oddly. But she didn't mind it.

She was pretty with large expressive eyes and baby doll features. Her paleness framed by such dark hair simply aided in making her seem more mysterious and gothic. A look she loved to play off with the darkest of lip rouges.

But tonight her thoughts fell backwards into puddles of images. Of him. Her forbidden dream lover. The one she's managed to meet quite by accident. In a noisy coffe shop while waiting for the little old woman in the front of the line to place her order. If it hadn't been for the fact that Billy Ann's need for caffine could be considered an addiction, she'd never had met him.

Her eyes had been glued to the sign above the cashier's head: mocha frappe locha extreme with whipped cream was all she had in her noggin. The pit of her stomach was quivering merely thinking about that first bittersweet swallow of java... when the tiny hairs on the back of her head sprang to life with what she could only describe as 'spider sense'.

Billy Ann laughed as she debated her sanity over the comic book rationalizing while tucking a chunk of locks behind her ears - to play off the casual look around the room.

Standing no more than two customers away was her blonde haired (with streaks that Mother Nature rarely created) hunk. He was tall, tanned and dripping sexuality. Mama mia - just what the good doctor recommended to every single female who hadn't had sex in over six months.

Her rational mind reminded her romantic heart that this one seemed years too young. After that eye contact connection, he introduced himself and managed to convince her to sit together in that loud atmosphere and talked for two hours.

Then every day, for nearly two months after that they would "accidently" cross paths, again and again, while filling up their caffine desires.

There was always that irrational feeling of want whenever the conversation between them became flirtacious and for the twinge of a second she wished his feelings mirrored her own.

A small dip in the road caused her car to swerve a bit. Billy Ann's thoughts quickly focused on the damp streets and she bit her inner lip while turning off the Selenia song playing on the radio. Though they flirted shamelessly, for well over three months now, he'd very frankly indicated that in this "stage of his life" he was not seeking a deeper relationship.

...But she couldn't help but wonder about the "What if's" and the lyrics to the song resonated again within her mind... I could fall in love with you...

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